Cognitive Services (Face API)

This code project is a transcription of the public Android client library released by Microsoft for Face API, the purpose is demonstrate how is possible to integrate the Face API service with Xamarin, using the nuget package ‘Xamarin.Cognitive.Face’.

This project it’s just a part of a bundle of samples and library code provided in the Xamarin.Cognitive.Face nuget package, if you want to see more details about the Xamarin.iOS implementation, I strongly suggest visit here.

Setup project

Clone the project from GitHub repo

git clone

Configure Azure resources

For this project is required:

  • Cognitive Services (Face API).

Mobile application (Xamarin)

Go directly to source/Xamarin.Cognitive.Face.Sample.Droid/FaceDemoApp.cs and configure the Face API key and zone:

    string faceApiKey = ""; //YOUR_FACE_API_KEY
    string faceApiZone = ""; //YOUR_FACE_API_ZONE

Once you have configure it your app settings, you are able to run the app.

E.g. of finding similar faces.


I want to thank Nate Rickard, Colby Williams for the code reviews, and invite me to participate on this project.